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One of my favorite cuisine is Thai cuisine. It’s hard for me to admit to any one favorite because there are so many types of fabulous foods out there. I would have to say Thai is what I eat the most often and the easiest to eat on a diet. I love the spicy and sour together which is common for Burmese as well as Thai. The main difference is that Thai uses sugar to offset the spiciness or bitterness in their dishes and most Burmese don’t.  All their salads use a lemon/lime juice base with fish sauce that is fat free and so flavorful. 

I love to cook and I often try to recreate all the Thai salads at home. I want to share my version of Thai “Larb” salad which is ground meat tossed in fresh herbs, veggies, and a lemon juice base. It is so simple to make, but there are many fresh ingredients that you have to have on hand.

ground turkey

american salad mix


roma tomatoes


red onion (I used green onions)


thai chili peppers (I used jalapenos)

lemon and/or lime juice

fish sauce (I think this is a very important ingredient, but if you’re just not into fish sauce, use salt or dried shrimp.)

crushed red pepper

-stir fry the turkey meat with a little salt and pepper

-use a food processor to cut the garlic very fine

-mix the garlic, lemon juice and fish sauce and set aside. I would use a 2:1 ratio of lemon juice to fish ——sauce. Just see how you like the taste and adjust accordingly.

-cut up all veggies into bite sized pieces in any fashion you desire.

-mix all ingredients and toss

This recipe is very generic. I say you try the salad in a restaurant and try to recreate at home.


The best thing I ever ate. Grilled octopus at Milos in the Cosmopolitan LV

This is one of the many trips I take for Vitrix. It was also one of the best ones I’ve had. Usually, I like the smaller trips. It’s easier to focus when you’re modeling and working. There are models that are great, that just exude sexiness like second nature; and then there are models like myself who have to get into character. I’m reserved by nature, so I just have to feel it to open up in front of the camera or anywhere actually. For me, the smaller work groups yield better shots.

After dieting and training for a month, I began my trip to FL with a large bag of Teddy Grahams with the intention of rationing the treats to last the whole trip. Wrong. I ate the Teddy Grahams and much much more before the shoot. Luckily Terry knows how to shoot me and we were able to turn out some, in my opinion, good shots. I hope you guys enjoy the gallery!

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It’s not so much what you eat, it’s the love and care you give. It’s your state of mind. Be #healthy Be #happy 😁 (Taken with Instagram at Whole Foods Market)

How I got my big legs…

Every time someone see me at the gym or sees a competition photo, they always comment on my legs. I’ve had big legs as long as I can remember. Shopping for bottoms is always a pain in the butt. It’s mostly genetics, but I think they have been a long time in the making. Growing up in Burma, there are different traditions and customs, and that includes punishments. When we were young, as a punishment for cursing, my father would make us do squats. My eldest brother stopped cursing after 30 squats, my other brother stopped at 50, and they said I never stopped. They said I looked like a frog. I’d run around after the squats unfazed and just jumped back into what I was doing before and that sometimes meant what got me in trouble in the first place. Being such a strong willed child has paid off in the long run. Nowadays, I just do a little high intensity circuit that keeps them in shape. I’m afraid they will get bigger!

Happy fukin dance!! Get in my belly!!!! #Burmese #food #yummy #nom (Taken with Instagram at Burma Superstar Restaurant)

Emerald Bay w Jobert 🐶 #Tahoe #nature #bliss 😍 #hiking (Taken with Instagram)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How long have you been body building/modeling and what was your motivation to start?
prumoe prumoe Said:

I started bodybuilding in 2007. The motivation was just to get into shape; but after seeing great results, I decided to take the challenge to the next level and compete. The modeling came along as a result of competing, but I really enjoy it and I’m glad I’ve had these opportunities :)